Interface Training

Education is another key element to support the adoption of standards. Many firms do not invest the time it needs to get their stuff familiar with a standard and rely on self-strategies. One of the reasons is also that a training course may not fit the internal target audience good enough, e.g. in terms of skill level or depth. FIXdom offers an alternative by being able to compile bespoke trainings for different audiences. This ranges from high level business perspectives for the management team to specialised trainings in a single topic or standard, for example:

  • FIX Family of Standards
  • Functional Scope of the FIX Application Layer
  • Distribution of Reference Data (markets, securities, parties, accounts) with FIX
  • Distribution of Market Data with FIX
  • FIX Orchestra Technical Standard
  • FIX Orchestra Tools (log2orchestra, md2orchestra,…)
  • FIX Encodings (tag=value, FIXML, SBE,…)
  • FIX Session Protocols (FIX4, FIXT, FIXP)