FIX Trading Community

The FIX Trading Community includes close to 300 members from around the world, divided into the EMEA, Americas, Japan and Asia/Pacific regions and represented by regional committees. FIX Trading Community is a volunteer driven, non-profit organisation with a number of committees and working groups open to FIX members for participation. There is also a wide range of services offered to non-members who are free to register as individual user on the FIX website. This includes access to the technical specifications as FIX is a free and open standard. You can also use the discussion forum to post questions to the community. As a developer, you may be interested in the FIX projects on GitHub. You do not have to be a FIX member to contribute.

FIX Website

Main website of the FIX Trading Community (news, events and more)

FIX Discussion Forum

Forum for users to post questions and for FIX to publish documents (also for public review)


Communication from the FIX Global Technical Committee

FIX Working Groups

FIX Trading Community working groups focused on project and new initiatives

FIX on GitHub

GitHub projects related to FIX Technical Standards and supporting tools

FIX on LinkedIn

LinkedIn group managed by the FIX Trading Community